Fashion Steps Out 2013: Fausto Puglisi

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You know Fausto Puglisi, the Italian designer that Anna Dello Russo aka queen of street-style favours to death. ADR can repeat his dresses as many times as she wants and she also owns some designs in multiple colours. Fausto’s pieces are gorgeous and totally stole the show with all the blings and loud colours. The embellishment-heavy pieces were all out on full display at the recent Fashion Steps Out 2013 show at Orchard Road. For the second year running they blocked the entire stretch of Orchard Road – busiest stretch from ION to Paragon – for an epic long runway show that the public can see from the sidelines.

Sounds like a lot of effort but whether it will create any impact on sales and publicity still remains a question mark. The seating arrangement was terrible and the organisation of the show was mediocre. Understand that a proper rehearsal under such environment is not possible but the flow of the show left the audience in an absolute confusing state. For a show in such a big scale it lacked the 360 degree perspective. There was a truck with models that stopped at a certain portion of the road in front of the VIPs, the entire media segment could not see a thing for a good 15-20 minutes as the show went on. After the show was done the truck parked right in front of us, blocking the entire photographer’s pit’s view by half, and therefore chaos ensued. The photographers were running around squatting at random spots along the road to get a shot of the models.

Were you there at the show and what do you think of it? Anyway check out the photos from the Fausto Puglisi show, the very first to walk all the way from point A to point B:

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