Audi Fashion Festival – DSquared2

And here we go, the day-to-day report on the happenings of Audi Fashion Festival starts now.

Day 1 kicked off with a press conference at the St Regis with Carmen Kass and Dean & Dan of DSquared2 facing questions from the media about fashion and related discussions. Colin McDowell, the creative director of AFF, raised a few common topics that let us discover and know more about the important guests.

Being a model-fanatic, my focus was on Carmen for almost the entire session. She has this husky voice when she speaks and she sounds absolutely confident, comfortable and professional. Donning a pair of thin-rimmed glasses and wearing a look that says nothing more than laid-back, it is one of those models-off-duty moments where you get to see the real side of a seasoned super.

When asked to talk about her success as a model, Carmen explained that it is important to stay grounded and keep believing in yourself. A few tips that would come in handy for newbies include not letting the critics get to you, do what you believe in and have loads of patience. She also feels that modelling is harder today as compared to the early ’00s as fashion rotates fast and it is getting more and more business-minded these days. Carmen also spoke about the downside of her job which is the traveling. It can be fun at times but it gets lonely after a while and there is no stable live as she is always on the go.

The Canadian twins behind DSquared2 simply amaze me with their chemistry. Yes, that happens to almost all twins in the world, but Dean and Dan can smoothly complete each others’ sentences as if they were speaking from a single mind. The chemistry is extra special coming from a double force that has the same energy and share the same passion. They also spoke about the inspiration behind their Spring 2010 collection which came from a trip back home and missing the childhood days when they were care-free and they would like to interpret that attitude. Unlike Carmen, they do love traveling, and they are ‘always together’ so it makes things easier for them.

Moving on to the real show, Carmen opened the show as scheduled. It was the Fall/Winter 2010 collection that was being presented and the menswear collection was also included.

Tokio Hotel were special guests seated at the front row. Lead singer Bill Kaulitz opened the label’s menswear show back in January this year in Milan so it made sense that they were present, supporting the duo in full force. I had to give their performance a miss but apparently, Carmen Kass (with her boyfriend) and Dean & Dan were front row watching them when it’s their time to be on stage.

More reports coming on so keep track!

  • susan

    If you missed the TH performance, you missed a highlight for sure

  • Roaring Tiger

    Why do you give their performance a miss? Do you mean you did not get to see it?

  • Laila Lu

    I had to rush off to somewhere and there were school assignments waiting for me. If I can I would definitely stay for them.

  • priscilla

    Love the update and the reporting!! Cant wait to see more:)

  • Karin

    You better run, Laila. You better start running FAST before all the rabid TH fans start chasing you for the blasphemy of missing their idols’s show.

  • stephanyMuñoz

    tokio hotel is the best te amoo billl and tom from peru – arequipa jaja