‘Amalgamation’ by Audrey Lim at Star Creation

Without a doubt, amongst the three previous Star Creation winner’s capsule collections shown on Monday at AFF, ‘Amalgamation’ by Audrey Lim is our top pick. Although the whole gender-bending theme has been done again and again by designers all over the world, we are loving Audrey’s interpretation of combining menswear details into womenswear.

The collection has a lot of strong individual pieces, and it balances perfectly between commercial viability and being experimental. We also noticed Audrey’s attention to details especially all the careful pleating and the workmanship on the sleeves, it’s details like that that made her pieces extra special. The popping neon orange is spot on giving the collection a little lift in terms of colour and edge to an otherwise dull palette range. Can’t believe we just said that we liked neon orange.

Sadly, the collections will not be produced and instead, they are going straight to their internship company – FJ Benjamin’s archives. But we are pretty sure the show has opened even more doors for the talented designers by showing their work to such major audiences.

Photos by Shavonne Wong for FashForward.com