Alessandra Facchinetti to leave Valentino

”Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli, the longtime accessories duo at Valentino, will take up the fashion reins and succeed Alessandra Facchinetti at the Roman house, according to sources. Facchinetti, who was succeeded at Gucci by its accessories director Frida Giannini, was said to have clashed with management over the design direction and production costs. Stefano Sassi, chairman and chief executive officer of Valentino, brushed off questions of a designer change backstage after the Valentino show Friday afternoon, saying only, “We will make the situation clear very shortly. It is understood the move is subject to board approval.”

—from WWD

I think this is pretty expected. For the record, Valentino didn’t really look like Valentino under Facchinetti. The legendary designer himself loves glamour, and uses solid bold colours very often. When she came along, things went mellow. She obviously has a flair for subtle colours and chiffon, her creations are really mature and sophisticated. People do love her collections, she can do beautiful but they are just not in the same league, no?

But Alessandra is very talented indeed, just look at her first couture collection. She definitely needs an identity of her own now. First it was at Gucci and then Valentino, two houses with very very different aesthetics. I really hope that there will be heaven for her up next. She deserves something.

  • TraiT



  • Christina

    I think that the old designes are more bold. They focus less on the glitz and more of the use of the colour and fabric to create a form. Although it may have not always been a rigid structured form, it was sort of a tribute to a woman’s body.

    It’s not that the new designs aren’t good… they just don’t seem to embody the spirit of the house.

  • chicnoir

    I agree with you. She needs her own house. It would be really nice to see more women heading major houses anyway.

  • Ian L.

    It’s true that her work is not reminiscent of the great Valentino but nevertheless her work is quite beautiful. I believe that Alessandra has won over her share of wealthy fans and that it won’t be long until she has her own label. I am curious and eager to see how the former accessories team will do with the next collection. They have the impossible task of living up to the legend that is Valentino. Anything less than perfect will be highly critisized.

  • Laila

    i wonder why on both occasions she got dumped and replaced by ACCESSORIES designers… something must be wrong out there

  • Ian L.

    I believe that in this case, the accessories team is very close to Valentino himself. They have worked together for many years and are intimate with his aesthetic. I’ve just read a recent article from WWD and Valentino is quoted to be unhappy with Alessanda’s work as it does not do enough to reference his previous lines.

  • theimportanceofbeingcecily

    I think that the accessories theme would do a better job at interpreting Valentino more than Alessandra did. She has a different style all her own. And she tends to follow great designers. It was Ford before, not its Valentino. She should really make a name for herself instead.