Who did it better

Louis Vuitton Spring 09′ ft Madonna by Meisel

Heidi Mount, Numero #100 ph by Peter Lindberg (note: censored tits)

85385_numero0100_february2009_peterlindbergh_untitled_05_123_877lo 85395_numero1100_february2009_peterlindbergh_untitled_06_123_143lo

The face of Chanel doing the infamous Vuitton pose sans monogram undies and bag dangling on heels.

I just got my hands on Numéro #100 and can’t get enough of it, one of the best issues ever. Why can’t Numéro turn 100 every month?

[images: TFS scan, WWD]

  • Camille

    As much as I love Madonna, I think Heidi’s is much more tasteful and classy. The fringed undies don’t help, either!

    I like Peter’s last name! It’s just like mine! ;D

  • http://theclickclique.wordpress.com Kevin

    My vote is for Meisel’s. Barring the differences already mentioned, I think Madonna just rocks the (awkward) pose more naturally, and I like the extra props and background environment. Not crazy about the fluorescent green cast tho.