Kanye’s in the house

I LOVE Kanye West, for his music and his cheekiness.

With Marc Jacobs, at the Louis Vuitton show

With Pierre Hardy, at the Hermes show

With Carine Roitfeld (what an outfit!), at the Dior Homme show.

I can smell a clothing line collaboration coming up. Stay tuned!

images: ontd_ff

  • sophie

    gorgeous! i love it that his sense of style has a sense of humour too

  • Nana

    What the world really needs now is another celeb line….

  • SoKo

    He is NOT a hip-hop master by any means whatsoever. The mere suggestion of it would make any true fan of hip-hop shudder.
    But I do like these pictures and he does have a great sense of style.

  • Kielo

    He just might guest edit French Vogue, he looks so cozy with Roitfeldt (great hat!).

  • Nadir Tejani

    Pierre Hardy do you mean?

    As for Kanye West, I think he’s a complete idiot. He’s just another celeb who has someone telling him what to wear and what not to wear. It’s ridiculous that he even gets interviewed due to his attendance to Paris Fashion Week and he can’t even answer the questions. You should see some Style.com podcast videos to understand what I’m on about.

  • Nana

    Kanye West was in Paris to negotiate with the brand Louis Vuitton. I quote the editer of Stylefrizz.com:

    “And even so, the man continues to stun me! Before he launched the women’s line news, he announces that he was there (in Paris, Jardins de Bagatelle) for “Louis” (Vuitton). How’bout that? Since Kanye is a real talented designer, he also manifests incredible medium talents since Louis (Louis Vuitton) died in 1892! ”

    LOL! At least Kanye (and editor Kpriss of course) can make me laugh out loud…..

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    mad props for that amazing page!