Wear Emerging Designers movement by BLUEPRINT

As you know BLUEPRINT – a fashion trade show based in Singapore – is all about getting emerging designers more opportunities, be it through media coverage or trade. BLUEPRINT have created a “Wear Emerging Designers” movement to involve more people, beyond those who are “in the know”.

There are so many huge brands and high street labels thriving, but there are also so many talented young designers who are struggling. It’s great that most of us already know some designers ourselves and so better understand their situation – it really is getting increasingly difficult for them to sustain themselves in a sea of well-financed commercial brands.

We reckon that it will make a difference, if all of us show our support for these emerging brands strongly, alongside the super-accessible H&Ms or ultra-covetable Celines. If you love emerging designers, want to keep creativity alive and enable them to keep designing, please show your support for them through this movement, by uploading the badge to your Facebook profile picture. Alternatively, if you wish to have this badge on your sidebar if you own a blog, you can email contact@rockthetrend.com for the code.

There will be an event for the movement called #tonightweWED on 15th February at Butterfactory in conjunction with Social Media Week Singapore, hosted by BLUEPRINT’s project director Tracy Phillips. Gain entry via flashing your badge on your Facebook and celebrate emerging designers!