Versace Atelier Spring ’09

Can you believe Versace couture used to look like this circa 02′ – 04′?


Now fast forward to 2009. Another divine collection.














Loads of ruffles and sheer this time, and the fabrics are a lot lighter than previous season’s. Once she drop the blings and sequins the entire collection looks classier than usual, definitely an upgrade.


  • Tatel

    Amazing collection…can’t believe the first ones :S

    I love your blog!!!

    Kisses from Barcelona

  • Hannah

    Beautiful. I hated the vulgarity of past seasons of Versace but i prefer it now, much less garish, no? Anyways Gisele got married, and in a Dolce and Gabbana no less.

  • ChristianThomas

    Those example pictures of Atelier Versace back in the days are mockable compared to what we see now.

    As much as a fan I was of the previous absolutely gorgeous collection, as much I am a fan of this one.
    Nice combination of the short whimsical dresses in between the long gowns.

    Also check them out on the versace site, you can see the sketch of the dress with them.

  • Nicole Then

    I absolutely love that sheer scarf thingy wrapped around the face..for some reason

  • Erik

    Really pretty. I used to hate Versace but now I always love it. I’m looking forward to their next show. As I always say TGIFW(thank god it’s fashion week).

  • trix.

    This couture collection is really great…the gowns are simple yet elaborate.

  • Sukaina

    This is just fabulous. I think this is very, very, classic couture. I’ve always thought Donatella’s designs looked a bit too Zara, but, this is fabulous. I love the way everything is sculpted.
    Seriously, Donatella has created Couture Sculptures.
    Absolutely divine.

  • Ziling

    The pictures seem so calming.. I really like it.

  • La Fee

    the sculpted skirts are BEAUTIFUL. this is such a pretty collection!

  • Fashionology

    What a beautiful pictures! Just gorgeous!!!

    I really like your blog!

  • Asian Models Blog

    OMG, dress #2 (red scaly number) & #3 (purple perfection) are stunning. Versace has never looked this good.

  • felipe arthur

    hahha yep i cant believe ! i think donatella hit his head, or gianni visited her at night lol =P

  • elyoo

    I’m in love!!

  • meghan

    versace is amazing

  • vintage on

    Hm, some of them are a bit too overwhelming and gaudy but some are … wow!

  • caroline check

    where do you buy these from