Top picks 2007

We are far from closing the year but in the fast pace of the fashion world, the year has already ended. Ok bad joke, but haven’t we seen all the December covers and gossiped about the ad campaigns? Do keep in mind that this is just my personal favourites, let me know your boos and bravos of 2007!

Favourite fashion ad campaignAlberta Ferretti Fall 2007
models: Julia Stegner, Adina FolinPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Lanvin’s ads with Olga Sherer came close, but Alberta Ferretti’s duality theme and ultra artsy photography is genius.

Favourite Beauty ad campaignGiorgio Armani Cosmetics Spring 2007
model: Sasha Pivovarova
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Mostly because Sasha doesn’t really get anything outside Prada and when she finally nabbed one, she totally rocked it.

Favourite magazine editorialW magazine September issue ‘Wild Roses’
models: Lara Stone, Suvi Koponen, Sasha Pivovarova
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I had a hard time picking a Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia editorial as a favourite so I’ll go with Mert & Marcus’s ‘Wild Roses’, why? The colours.

  • girlenvogue

    Personally, my vote for best editorial goes to “Enchanted Garden” with Sasha in the debut issue of Vogue India. It’s so perfect!

  • sophie

    this isn’t really related to your post but i heard that audrey tautou is going to be cast as coco chanel in a movie about her life, sounds really good especially since audrey looks a lot like coco did.

  • Kielo

    Agreed on the editorial!!!! Top of the line, no competition. My fave ads were Balenciaga: insanity mixed with Harry Potter.

  • asian models blogger

    The last photo on the left looked like Marilyn Manson. Eck!

  • Acidtrash

    One editorial that really marked me was the Vogue Italia of January with Sasha, shot by Meisel. It was interesting, the mix with the new medias and the internet.

  • sophie

    i loved the ‘indian summer’ editorial that was in british vogue this year with gemma ward (the one that australian vogue stole for their cover)

  • Aaron

    haha sasha has been doing armani cosmetics for a long time now.

  • Kielo

    Oh, and the December W editorial with Raquel & Suvi is great too! Vogue needs to step up if they want to compete. (The rats are mink, I just bought the mag yesterday.) Miu Miu ads were super too! The colors & vintage pin-up poses are SuperDuper!

  • Brie

    I agree with Nielo. Seems like Vogues editorals are good but not as good enough to beat W’s or Vogue Italia.

    But I love the G.Armani cosmetic ads although I never saw the ads in any of the magazines I get. Which are Vogue USA and Harpers Bazzar.

  • sophie

    which vogue do you get kielo?

    i get british vogue which is really good.

  • Kielo

    I don`t subscribe to any Vogue. The ones I usually buy are Italia, but somehow this year hasn`t been as great as usual. Are they perhaps moving in a more conservative direction the world over?
    I hope not.

  • sophie

    you’re really lucky to be able to buy italian vogue, the only one that’s availible to buy here in england is british vogue which is good, but it would be nice to be able to read other vogue magazines.

  • Adriana Josina

    In a small country the Netherlands is almost every magazine and/or newspaper is available. I can get what I want. Small country but not small minded…..