To read, this weekend

  • This article/report from WWD that questioned: after recession, what will execs do first? The answers are pretty mixed, while some planned to keep on working, others are going to party. A few selected funny answers:  Lacoste’s CEO— “my first act will be to gather our teams in our headquarters and celebrate with one of France’s best Champagnes”, Rebecca Taylor’s CEO— “the very first thing I would do would be to give every one of our staff [members] a big fat raise. I can’t wait for that day, since they are all so valuable to us”, the co-owner of Alice+Olivia simply said: “go on vacation”. Other than these, most of them are still thriving for growth and expansion to make up for losses. Isn’t it great that there are people out there who would think of rewarding staffers first before anything else?
  • From DazedDigital, they interviewed ten students from the Central Saint Martin’s BA show about their collections, idols and some other non-fashion related questions. My favourite part, a few of them wanted to be chefs as their alternate career of choice.