The shoes at Lacoste

I was shocked to see this…



Balenciagas here:


How will Nicolas and gang feel?

Either the Lacoste team don’t see other collections at all or it is unintentional, but for an international label, this is something that you don’t do.


  • hpb_ysl

    that pisses me off. but i hate lacoste, they are always unoriginal and boring. I hope more people notice this.

  • stefanie

    I thought so too!
    Shame on you Lacoste, shame on you!

  • Prism Reflection

    Very inspired… Lets wait for the Steve Madden’s version.

  • Kassie

    I don’t see how they are copies, Lacoste’s do look like nurses shoes with heels though…

  • Asian Models Blog

    So true! Also did you notice the sweat pants the models are wearing in this collection? Emma Pei, who is one of the skinniest models out there, looked unflatteringly chunky in it. If those clothes make Emma Pei looks chucky, what about the rest of us (regular shaped folks)?

    Lacoste probably generate 50% of its revenue from the crocodile polo shirts.

  • allysha

    crocodile polo shirts are for chavs. lacoste only just started to try and re-invent themselves couple of seasons ago….i agree with you i hate lacoste.