The real names of the top names

Check out the less glamourous monikers of the fashion industry’s most famous names…

Ralph Lauren
real name: Ralph Lifschitz
Ralph’s parents are Ashkenazi-Jewish immigrants. At 16, his brother Jerry changed their last name from Lifshitz to Lauren.

Michael Kors
real name: Karl Anderson Jr.
Hmmm… Carl’s Jr anyone?

John Galliano
real name: Juan Carlos Antonio Galliano
John has Gibraltarian roots,  which explains why the name sounds like spanish.

Karl Lagerfeld
real name: Karl Lagerfeldt
He dropped the ‘t’ for commercial reasons.

Donna Karan
real name: Donna Ivy Faske
She married Mark Karan, and then adopted his surname.

real name: Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani
What if he didn’t take Valentino but Garavani as the brand name?

Kate Moss
real name: Katherine Ann Moss
… …

Agyness Deyn
real name: Laura Hollins
You can’t call that tomboy, Laura. She probably changed her name to suit the industry.

sources: wikipedia ,fashionologie

  • girlenvogue

    Karl Anderson Jr. is priceless. It really fits his “all American sportswear designer” image. (I’d insert a *rolleyes* emoticon if I could)

    Btw, thanks for the compliment regarding my blog. The same goes for yours. =)
    And I’m not an insider, unfortunately.

    Love, A.