The Prada Wears Devil

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Lately, Miuccia has been wearing this particular skirt as shown above — bright, neon puffy feathered skirts and she pairs them with mostly a simple black blouse. She wore the orange one to last week’s Costume Institute Gala and the lime green one at a party a month ago.

What do you think? Will you wear it?

  • trulycurvaceous

    I’m down for people looking different because that’s what fashion is all about . But I definitely can’t see this look as being a trend.

    Truly Curvaceous 🙂

  • Jules

    hey ashley! haha, great job with the blog man, you’re doing outstanding work here. but as the class welfare chairman I’m here to remind you to study too yup, ‘O’ levels is forever 🙂 thanks for helping me sew my top thing. haha, really nice of you. jiayou and I hope I added to your hits 😀 happy one month anniversary number 19

  • wendy

    you know,I think it’s important to keep fascism out of fashion, I’m not into a feather skirt for me but that lady has her own style for sure and she owns it.actually if I had that skirt from value village for $5.00 I would own it and maybe wear it least SHE wears what she makes….

    I find this collection a nod to the early 90’s when grunge,house,jazz and hip hop luxury collided with couture.

    keep up the good work but don’t forget that schoolwork.hope your home ec. teacher is more imaginative than mine was!

    Wendy de Kruyff
    dream apparel,Vancouver,Canada

  • granello

    i definately thinks she looks fabulous..

    Only Miuccia Prada can carry the style with an attitude…