The hectic life of designers

If you have some time on your hand, check out’s feature called Welcome to my World” in which they document several designer’s typical working day from morning till night, most of them were in preparation for Fall 09′ fashion week. They have to go through meetings and more meetings, ‘make six decisions every five minutes’, non-stop fittings, discuss samples, while all the mums have to juggle between spending time with their babies and working. Plus they included some interesting facts like how Sophia Kokosalaki quarrels with the French taxi driver everyday.

Must read for the budding designers!

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  • Camille

    Thanks! I love how Sophia spikes her seamstress’s tea to keep her awake and lively.

  • AlexAxe

    Can i take a one small photo from your blog?

  • Laila

    do take the image credit (listed at the bottom of every post) along with it.