Some work

That test shoot I did with Mathilde. Photographed by Fariz, clothes all made by me. It’s the simplest shoot ever with very minimal hair and makeup done, and the location is at (*gasp) my school, TP.





  • J

    How did you achieve the lighting effects and all! Great work.

  • ijonathan6oogb

    I love the first and second picture, they are the best!

  • AMB

    The first photo is amazing. The dress and the background plus the blue/purple tint really pop in the photo.

  • Alessafan

    Looves it!! looks like if they were taken from Vogue or something, really good work! congrats!

  • brunafan

    i ‘m in love with the third dress(the black techy one).overall, everything came out great esp your clothes and the lighting plus the location.all except for the last picture..the model looks awkward & dare i say not very professional looking.

  • TraiT

    Laila! I really liked your friend, Fariz’s work! Like brunafan said, his/her’s lighting skills are amazing!
    Great work once again girl! 😀

  • X-Wen

    The first photo is gorgeous! Great job, Laila – loving this collection.