Runway soundtracks (Fall ’09 edition)

Something for the weekend, this is soundtrack post 3.0

Again, the links are there for you to download the tracks.

Here are my picks from this season:


‘Convolution’ by In Flagranti [MP3]



“AQuafresh” by Zomby [MP3]


“1 Up” by Zomby [MP3]


The two tracks are very haunting, but really suits the atmosphere, it’s like something bad is going to happen, then all these ‘fighter’ looking girls came marching out from one corner of the ‘boxing ring’.

Burberry & Chloé

‘Knocked up’ by Kings of Leon [MP3]


It is a very very sweet song, and sort of calming. Both shows used it as their opening song.

Max Azria

‘Daniel’ by Bat for Lashes [MP3]


The entire show only used songs by Bat for Lashes— I am a huge fan of their music— and I am so glad that they are getting some ‘fashion attention’ by getting their songs featured in a show and fronting the Dazed and Confused Feb 09′ cover.

[images for video: coutorture, yahoo news,]

  • X-Wen

    Interesting! I love this post. Always wonder what are the song titles. It’s an art to pick the right music for the runway. Just like the movie soundtracks 🙂

  • dinie

    thanks so much for this!
    idk what to do with them but this is great!

  • Fco

    Thank U very much for the Versace song… I knew the name of the artist but I couln’t find it…
    Could you please upload the other song…
    “We Make Love In A House Made Of Glass” by In Flagranti also (that song is the third one just before Black Eyed Peas)

    And again THANKS!

  • Laila

    Hi Fco,

    You’re welcome 🙂

    I can’t find the other song too, when I do I will send it to you via email. it’s gonna be hard but when I do found it I will let ya know!


  • Fco

    thank you very much…
    you’re such a nice person
    your blog is great!!!
    if i find the song i’ll send it to you.. for the upload..

  • callmevic

    hey i like the versace one but the file is no longer available for download? does anyone have it? would appreciate if someone could send it! =)

  • aaron

    strange, i thought burberry opened with adele’s hometown glory. that’s how it is on the podcast full show at least…

  • Laila


    it’s really Kings of Leon, first song at Burberry Fall 09 womenswear.


  • daniel :)

    Thanks for this post!! Im a cosmetology student, and my school is having a salon fair, with the theme fall harvest. These will come in handy!! Thanks Again! 🙂