Reality check

Some designers opt for this artsy sort of fashion to display their talent & creativity. But what is too far? If they are going to make pieces that can’t be wear on the streets or any events, is it still call fashion? Or art? Balenciaga’s show has got everyone’s tongue wagging– the structure of the corset-like flower printed minis are amazing, great to look at but not easy to wear.  And all these make you wonder if fashion is for sell or for show.

The clown
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”The violins… as a necklace, doubled up and plopped at the shoulders of a long coat? Only fit for a clown.” -– Nicole Phelps reviewing for

Hang me please
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Power dressing anyone?

”Twin peaks”
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Amazing structure and shape. More for collectibles.

Flower bomb
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The deal is, if you wear them seperately, instead of overloading prints by combining top and bottom together. It’s alright. Like, you can wear the Marc Jacobs top with a simple pair of jeans sans the yellow glove and tacky skirt.

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Why how when where will you wear these? The hole in McQueen’s shoes looks like it’s for the rats to run through.


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  • thecouturedoll

    Oh, wow. I especially detest that clown outfit. Why, V&R, WHYY? And the shoes.. let’s have a moment of silence. Pray it will NEVER EVER be a trend.

  • Asian Model Blogger

    Did you notice how the shape of Balenciaga’s dress resembles that of the Dolce & Gabbana steel armour from 2 seasons ago?

  • acidtrash

    Alexander Mcqueen Offered very editorial dresses.