I don’t usually do this but can someone identify which editorial does this image come from?

The Aftermath of Katrina

Looks like from Vogue UK… but I am not sure.

UPDATE: Thanks to Eden (a model!), I’ve found the full editorial, screen scrapped from Mark Gong’s site:

The Aftermath of Katrina The Aftermath of Katrina

The Aftermath of Katrina The Aftermath of Katrina

  • eden h

    its the awakening in Blink 07′. Shot by Mark Gong and model Ninelle. the only reason i know this is because i worked with the stylist for a couple other editorials and jobs, her name is Ope’.

  • Laila

    I found it!

    via Mark Gong’s website… I am new fan of his work now.

    Thanks SO much Eden, and all the best for your modelling!

  • eden h

    : ) glad i could help! I love this blog btw, ive been hiding in the shadows for quite some time but its bookmarked and gazed at daily!

  • Nicky

    Those are amazing shot and poses. Very artistic. I just found this website but i was in owe finding it.

  • jenjarvis

    i want to go to that place! it looks amazing, is that built just for the shoot or is it somewhere you could visit.

    looks fun either way
    those are gorgeous photos

  • eden h

    Its called The Awakening, and its in Potomac Park, wash.DC, avail to the public and tourists to play on or take pics. My little bro was just there and said its got an overwhelming presence, the pics he took werent as nice as these but you cant go wrong at that location!

    ps-its being dug up and moved to maryland soon, huge enough to be viewed from an outerstate bridge, just some more useless trivia if youre curious ; )

  • Laila

    Thanks again for all the info! I was happy enough to find the full ed and now it’s just great to know the location too. I thought’s it’s in Europe… I am truly amazed.

    Thanks again Eden, you’re wonderful.