Priced to kill

The recession might be happening right now and affecting the fashion business just like anyone else but some companies are still churning out clothes with sky-high prices. Most of the time (all the time actually) we see clothes being photographed beautifully on the magazine pages that scream ‘buy me!’ but at the little corner in the smallest fonts, there goes the prices, in a whooping five figure, and starts with a 2.

Here are some haunting figures (all in USD), taken from US BAZAAR Jan 09’s “The New Collections” editorial.

Dolce & Gabbana

Jacket alone: $24,750


Salvatore Ferragamo

Gown: $22,000


Yves Saint Laurent

Cage coat: $24,995



Dress: $20,720


Christian Dior

Gown: $23,090



Gown: $24,000


While US BAZAAR is featuring a lot of clothes that go over the five figure sum, Vogue is being selective by not choosing clothes costing over $5000 for the new season editorials, if not, the price is hidden— the Balenciaga that Chanel Iman is wearing in the last shot surely goes over $5000.

Pretty audience friendly, no? What a winning a formula.


  • Acdtrsh

    There was this article apperead in the L.A. Times about Thakoon’s collection for Target wich had identic pieces has his latest spring collection. It made you somehow realise that you dont need to pay 800$ for a coton skirt wich was something very less at Target. Some pieces shouldn’t be this expensives, of course theres many aspects we have to take consideration of.

  • Kassie

    $23,090 for that Dior dress!!! That’s crazy its basically lingerie!!!

  • peek-a-boo

    In my humble opinion, except maybe for the Ferragamo gown, the rest don’t really look the money.
    I used to be involved in a clothing company and I know how absurdly an outfit can be priced even after taking into consideration the fabric quality and workmanship.I once saw an outfit worth $120 getting priced at $1350 without an iota of guilt from the designer’s marketting team.
    I know of course there are overheads to consider but exagerration seems de riguer when it comes to pricing at almost all fashion houses especially the Uber ones.

  • t4jotr

    ill just go to the nearest florist in my PJs and jump into the roses to get the first look for just…..39.95?

  • Camille

    I saw that editorial! I actually fell in love with a few pieces. Then I had a heart attack when I got ahold of the price range. Then I doubled over again when I figured out my thumb was covering a zero!

    Crazy, crazy world.

  • Theresa

    These are definitely overpriced! I think customers will be paying for the BRAND instead of the actual clothing in a way….The versace dress is really creative, and the idea, I feel, might actually be quite worth the price after all. But as for the rest…it’s daylight robbery.

  • Sukaina

    You know what, I don’t personally even like the Dolce & Gabbana dress, so I won’t even GO there. 20,000 above for a kaftan dress is way too much, honestly, using the same material, I think I could get my local dress-maker to fix something like that up for me. Most people EARN that much.
    20,000 above for a short RTW dress is way too much! I mean, really?
    I agree with Theresa, THAT is daylight robbery. No wonder Chanel had to sack 200 workers. They won’t earn money this way.

  • Asian Models Blog

    Yikes! That is like a down payment on a house in Nebraska.

    But I noticed that most of the dresses are from very recognizable brands. Smaller brands probably won’t be able to survive with those price tags.

    I hope they have some less expensive clothes in the collection.

  • passionista

    thats why some designers but especially the ceo’s are so filthy rich! as you know of course.

    right! thats how it is you pay for a name. sad isn’t it?

    i really begin to believe the economic crisis is going to wake up some fashionistas! giggles a bit. sorry my ladies.

  • asyraf

    That Ferragano gown is just so overtly expensive! It’s like a piece of fuschia cloth with a brooch.
    By the way, how much is US Bazaar in Sin Dollar? I really want to have a copy of this issue. Only thing is, I can’t find it at Times:( They only had UK Harpers Bazaar and it was $16.20,

  • Laila

    @Asyraf: I got it at S$11, from Borders…

  • asyraf

    To Laila, haha, thanks, finally got it at the airport. Weird place huh!

  • la poubelle

    how much ar couture pieces in relation to this?
    i am shocked at the prices – i thought only high end accessories were this obscene!

  • Laila

    couture pieces can easily go up to huge six figures though, these are just about one tenth of the prices of a couture garment 🙂

    yes, agree— very offensive prices!

  • ValentinaG

    OMG they are soo expensive :O
    Does anyone know the collection for the Balmain dress?

  • Laila

    ^ it’s the Spring 09 collection

  • Alisa

    I guess really really rich people who can afford these clothes are not really really affected by the recession. And… is there a recession? Or is it just matrix telling us there is? 🙂

    Laurela Fashion Blog

  • ValentinaG

    Thanks Laila