Prada is so made for Wintour



Rocking those lace

  • Kielo

    You know, a similar dress was in the US Vogue June issue on Daria, and it was described as a silk(?) silk-screened lace print dress. So that it would only use the lace visual effect on silk (or something), without the actual lace. And that is Witty & Cool.
    (I hope I`m right.)

  • asian models blog

    AW does have a Prada fetish!! But she looks great in them.

    I really loved Prada’s Spring/Summer 08 (fairy, cheongsam) collection. The Fall/Winter 08 (lace) collection is….not as good.

  • Angela Sees Angela Blogs

    This Prada collection was so bad, but Anna Wintour looks better in it than Elise Crombez (the model shown).