On duty as Fashion Police – Robinsons Fashion Week

Street-style photography is no easy feat, especially when it is in Singapore where people don’t usually dress up! I was on duty as a fashion police for a project with Robinsons two weekends ago, see the post here. While on site for about several hours, I had only managed one or two stylish shoppers who agreed to let me take their photos. I would explain really quickly in a few sentences on what’s going on and sometimes I was lucky to spot really uniquely stylish shoppers.

I have to say one of my favourite shot was this lady in an androgynous look – a white shirt, a grey vest, boyfriend pants and camera in toll. I ‘caught’ her while she was a Kiehl’s and luckily she was friendly enough to allow me to take a shot.

It was a really fun experience, for a first timer, and now I have a lot of respect for Scott, Tommy and gang.