Oliver Theyskens: most beautiful

I love love love Olivier Theyskens. I know he’s Anna Wintor’s golden boy but I love his work for Rochas and now, Nina Ricci. He’s got such an amazing sense of femininity. I’m so glad to see him being featured in People magazine’s “100 Most Beautiful People” issue.

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Young designers, no matter how talented they are, don’t really get recognized in the Hollywood circuit even though they are the ones who work their guts off to make the celebs look great on red carpet & events. However, Olivier was being acknowledged for his work for Reese Withespoon’s beautiful dresses she wore to all her red carpet events during the awards season.

He said in the issue, ”Everybody has his own way to see beauty, but I don’t think mine is connected with my Belgian Nationality”.

A confident and talented young man, what’s not to love about him?

images: ny times

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