NowManifest – gathering bloggers under one roof

Changing the blog layout into something more magazine-like/reader-friendly seems to be a hot trend right now. You might or might not have noticed, but Bryanboy and Fashiontoast, along with several others, have revamped their blog and currently placed under NowManifest.

So what is NowManifest? Popping out of nowhere, looking all sleek and chic and housing a portfolio of powerful blogs that also include Industrie Magazine? Here’s an extract from the About Us page:

Gathering the world’s most renowned bloggers in fashion under the NOWMANIFEST name, we aim to inspire and guide readers around the world. Our bloggers are handpicked due to their strong sense of trends and great impact on their readers. NOWMANIFEST addresses the modern consumer with an eye for fashion and style, and the ones seeking to be fashion-forward.

Throughout history, fashion is known to reflect trends in modern society. NOWMANIFEST should therefore not only enlighten readers alike all over the world, but also act as a diving-board into the aspiring world of fashion today.

It all happens right here, right NOW.

It might take a while for us to get use to the changes, but we won’t be surprised there are more of this type of ‘bloggers-coalition’ in future.