My graduation

After four years in a Catholic all-girls school, I feel like I’m finally DONE with studying.
What a way to celebrate the end of this torture with a blown-out school prom.

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The theme is ‘Hollywood‘. All of us didn’t really dress like Paris Hilton or Jessica Simpson but it’s really interesting to see how one another look like when we’re all done up and not nerdy-school-girls-in-uniform.

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(Sorry for the blur picture) I designed and made my friends’s dress (the one in blue) and my own dress. I’m still very proud of my anti size zero saga. Other than the blog, I wish to be able to make clothes for women of all sizes and colours when I become a designer.

Talking about becoming a designer, I’m looking forward to finally being able to go full throttle on pursuing this dream. When I was still in school and studying for the big ‘O’ levels, I was all tied up with homework, tests & exams. These are seriously annoying. I’ll be starting my fashion magazine internship in January next year so maybe that is a stepping stone? I can’t wait!

  • Brie

    I love the dress that you made for your friend and your self. Four years in a all girls catholic school. My dad wanted to put me in a all girls catholic school but my mom told him not to cause I would get kick out in a week cause of my temper(yes I have a temperment problem sadly). I wish you luck at the internship next year and I am glad to know that you are anti zero. I really don’t get to hear people admitting how proud they are of being anti zero.

  • ARN

    Congrats! and best of luck in your intership. Love the blog!

  • sophie

    the dresses are both fabulous, and good luck with your internship!!

  • .m.

    you guys looked great! you are really talented!

  • Asian Model Blogger

    Oooh…I love your dress. It looks great on you.

    Congratulations on the graduation.

  • Adriana Josina

    Congratulations! That’s wonderful. You both look great.
    I love it you made a dress for your girlfriend too. I did that in the past: for and event I had always had to made two outfits. But it’s a joy isn’t it?
    Loves the blog still so much. Thank you and enjoy your graduation. X

  • choco

    omg.i love the dresses! did you just design it or did you stitch it up as well?

  • Lu S.A

    i made and designed them entirely by myself:)