Missing L’officiel SG + Recap on…

Some updates:

If you’ve been looking up and down for the L’Officiel Singapore July issue, which has been nowhere to be found on the shelves till now, they have gone bi-annual, means June/July, December/January kinda issue. First time for a local mag, but the big players abroad do that, the Numéros, Vogue Paris, Interview have bi-annual issues—slower production for not so important months , when only resort or pre-fall collections, season left-overs fill the pages, when the ‘what’s! new!’ hype have died down for readers/consumers.
I am just glad that they aren’t folded, they started off really well with Chuando and Frey as the contributing creative directors. The covers and the contents were simply a breath of fresh air from other local mags. Plus the now rising newcomers Monika Jagaciak, Jules Mordovets and Emma Carlsson are all ex-L’Officiel SG cover girls. Very promising, no? But recently , they dropped the cover price from $7.90 to $5.90 (some how a higher price tag made the mag look… prestigious. Like how you always shell out the most for a copy of good magazine, burn a hole in your pocket to get that $25 Vogue Italia) and Chuando & Frey stop shooting for them, Lionel Seah left as the editor-in-chief, then everything started to look different. Some covers just don’t feel ‘new’, they don’t have the same thoughtfulness of Chuando & Frey’s work, the way the duo branched out of local magazines’ own comfort zone, you know, that vision. But no matter what, I am still fond of that Prada falling parody editorial ‘Balancing act(which has became quite a phenomenon around the web), and hoping to see more of that in the upcoming issues.
-first 8 months covers

I posted ‘Some notes on Fall 09” campaigns’ in April, most of them have now been confirmed, so just a recap:

  • Givenchy is going to be spectacular, very varying looks, very supreme….Iris Strubegger and Ranya Mordanova from Supreme management. See campaign here.
  • Jourdan Dunn nabbed a campaign after going zero last season.Jourdan got cK Calvin Klein, with Sigrid.
  • Anna de Rijk, a Prada exclusive, has been ‘triple coveted’ according to TI. I smell Prada already.  –See Anna’s shot in Prada (far right)

  • sz

    Thank god! i really thought they have folded. Been looking high and low for it. Thanks for the info!