Martin Grant Fall 09' lookbook

Most memorable of the season.

See how Ajuma Nasanyana is rocking it.









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A lot of designers and brands have turned to presentation over runway to save costs in times like now. Which one would you prefer? Each has its own good and bad point but I wouldn’t mind seeing more presentations if the team put in something special, or creative. I absolutely loved McCartney resort 09’s presentation— models in a park, having a picnic… And then there is the video method, what Gareth Pugh experimented with for his Fall 09′ collection, showcasing clothes in extreme movement and all angles. Presentations are also pleasant for editors for the fact that it’s stress-free and music-free, and the level of intimacy and interaction is definitely a plus. Runways on the other hand can be boring for non-audience and very costly to run, but it is always thrilling to see the casting and everything being put together. Fashion show are the traditional way of presentation anyway, but as technology and digital are getting more and more advantage, and the economy not looking too good these days, who knows how unveiling new collections in future would turn out to be like.


  • wottoncool

    i loved how stella mccartney’s resort collection was presented! the whole outdoor picnic theme fit that particular collection well.

    i guess runway shows are still the way to go for many many labels. if they show lackkustre pieces at least they have a dramatic presentation.. unless they can pull something as emphatic as gareth pugh haha

  • yi lin

    very interesting read. i liked the fact that designers are going beyond the traditional runway show format and thinking of how else they can present the clothes. threeasfour’s presentation was refreshing, kind of like performance art actually. those extravagant fashion parades by big-name labels are fun but get a little tiring sometimes.

  • Laila

    i loved 3as4’S presentation, kinda weird but it def left an impression, although many editors weren’t a fan of it from many reports I read.