Marc Jacobs Daisy

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Marc Jacobs’s latest fragrance is a lot more different than his usual more grown-up kind. It’s meant to be “happy and youthful”, “more accessible than the signature range” and “sophisticated but not too serious”. Great way to bring in a younger range of customers don’t you think? The bottle is really adorable too, with two white daisies attached to the bottle cap. It looks like it’s really suited for those women at their late teens or early twenties.

The scent is a good match to the name and bottle, it is “young and light and fresh, feminine but not sexy, easy to wear, and massively pleasant. It starts with fruit (wild strawberry, red grapefruit), neither heavy nor overly sweet, tempered by a touch of greenery (violet leaves). The floral notes in the heart (gardenia, violet, jasmine) are well-blended and sheer, and while daisies themselves have no scent, Marc Jacobs Daisy does a pretty good job of evoking a sunny, breezy meadow of random flowers. The base (musk, vanilla and white woods) is pale and clean and middling warm, and only lightly vanillic.”

These are the ‘Daisy by Marc Jacobs’ films from the shooting of the campaign by Jurgen Teller. Featuring models Alex Sandor, Irina Kulikova, Johanna Jonsson and Johanna Stickland.




  • e

    i’m not being nasty, but what is so particularly professional about lying in a meadow, albeit without any clothes on? what marks that out as “professionalism”?

  • Lu S.A

    Hey e,
    I’m sorry, after watching the film I realized that she’s actually wearing a bikini. No problem with that:):):)

  • ryder

    is that really johanna stickland? she is gorgeus.