Make it happen

Ever wonder what if Singapore has its own Project Runway?

I might be years away from being eligible to participate but that didn’t stop me from having the Singapore version of the show wind up in my mind. It happened when I watched Project Runway Phillipines. I loved it, even though the show was filmed in a not very glamourous country with a not very high profile fashion scene. I’m so glad that there are more platforms being built for designers to showcase their talent regardless of region.

Anyway, here’s my local version of the show:

Location: LaSalle Collage of Arts

A very good reason why the show should happen in the first place.

Fabrics: Arab Street

That’s my favourite place to go fabric-hunting and I believe most designers go there too. The best thing is, the street is not too far from LaSalle.

Prize: Runway show at Singapore Fashion Festival, $$$ to start own label, a spread in any top local fash mag, opportunity to design a capsule collection for alldressup (since Francesca Versace did hers…)

Host: Jaymee Ong?
Pan-asian model and actress who did a pretty good job hosting The Contender Asia.

Judges:  Daniel Yam the Michael Kors. Sharon Lim, editor-in-chief of ELLE S’pore, the Nina Garcia.

Daniel Yam at SFF

Some guest judges: Shabnam Melwani-Reis, ASHLEY ISHAM, Chuando & Frey, Kenneth Goh, Sharon Tulasidas, Francis Cheong (if there is a couture challenge)…

Kenneth Goh and Sharon Tulasidas in Paris.

Mentor: I have no idea

Please feel free to fill in your thoughts on this, and who knows, if the people of Mediacorp happen to read this…

make it work.

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  • Chloe

    Totally concur! I would love to see Denise Keller as host though, after all she was the face of fashion week… To continue your smashing lists of guest judges, Dick Lee, Daniel Goh…

  • wottoncool

    denise keller as host would be pretty cool! the mentor could be designers like baylene? or maybe like a fashion lecturer haha