Killer shoes

I thought Marc Jacob’s misplaced heels are one of the quirkiest around but Balenciaga’s shoes impress me even harder. I would say Nicolas Ghesquiere’s shoe creations are always bizarre but interesting. They are not glamourous like the Jimmy Choos & Louboutins but celebrities love wearing them, especially the Olsens. It seems like for every new collection, someone will surely wear them.

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Beyonce famously wore a pair of the golden metallic leggings from the spring/summer 07 collection to perform earlier this year. Showing her love for the label again, she donned a pair of those lego heels while performing during the AMAs recently. It’s quite rare to see a glamour girl like Beyonce wearing something so kiddy… but she rocked it! The jacket totally matched the heels.

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After all that I’ve said, I do wonder who is going to wear the woven boots from the SS08 collection.

  • girlenvogue

    I could easily imagine Mary-Kate Olsen wearing those woven Balenciaga heels. I actually thought I would see her wearing those first ones.

  • Perisacooper

    You know what? I think it’ll be Charlotte Gainsbourgh. Imagine her wearing that woven boots with a black mini skirt and her ever ubiquitous grey sweater….

  • Asian Models Blog

    Totally agree with you on the Balenciaga Lego heels. They are gorgeous.

    The woven Greek sandals from the Spring 2008 collection look uncomfortable. Even on the runway photo, you can see the model’s toe slipping out to the side.

  • .m.

    probably the olsens…

  • sophie

    well jennifer connelly is the new face of balenciaga so i’m guessing she will wear them… in fact, hasn’t she already?

  • patticakes

    I LOVE those woven boots!!!!!