It’s been a year

Rock.The.Trend. turns one today

Blogging has been rather tiring, but still, fashion is my first love and I truly enjoy writing about it.

I want to thank all the people who have offered me opportunites and all the readers for the support and comments. I am going to work harder to churn out greater posts and improve this blog.

Rushing off to my new school’s orientation camp now, wish me luck, will see you in three days time.

  • Vogueite

    hey sweetie, good luck for the orientation. new school, new beginnings!

    (which school?)

    your blog is truly impressive – you update fast, write intelligently and you clearly read up a lot 😉

  • Adriana

    Congratulations with your great blog. I do visit this blog regurly and I love it. I thank you for all the hard work to provide us with such an enjoyable blog.

    So what else can I wish you than good luck and all my best wishes. May your hard work be rewarding and your dreams come true.

  • Jeroen

    Happy birthday!
    Your blog is daily on my menu.
    Fantastic work!

    Jeroen (from Holland)

  • Christina


    where can I get a shirt??

  • wottoncool

    congrats! i’d say that i’m a pretty new reader and i really enjoy all the entries you post (: i’m gonna be linking you up, hope you don’t mind!

  • X-Wen

    Hey! Hope you blog again very soon. Have fun at your orientation (blog about it too!)


  • Laila

    Thanks everyone!

    Voguite: I’m at TP. Not really an art school I would want to go but it’s alright, will most probably pursue my degree at LaSalle in future.

    Christina: The text on the shirt is hand-painted by me. You can email me if you like it or something:D

  • sophie

    the shirt is great, i want one!! congratulations with your blog, i love reading it and i wish you all the best for the future.

  • Asian Models Blog

    Where can I get one of those t-shirts?