Introducing +9

I am a fan of MYKROMAG, not only because of the team behind it, but the entire mag is really worth reading from page to page. The content is strong and they simply have a clear vision of what they want. Imagine in the upcoming years there will be more and more online mags around? I wouldn’t mind.

My fellow Singaporean fashion blogger Dinie is a contributor for the magazine, he and his friend Ridwan did the illustrations (which are a-m-a-z-i-n-g) for the first issue. They recently worked on a shoot introducing +9, a group of up-and-coming designers from Singapore who join forces to present their collections in one show.





Can’t believe this is done locally… the mood of the images really fits MYKROMAG’s aesthetics, no?

Read the rest of his entry  about +9 on MYKROMAG’s blog.

  • bhisan

    mykro is pretty kool ! 😀 ! love their photo shoots

  • X-Wen

    Yup, they did a good job on this shoot!

  • preppygoesrock

    its nice

  • Dinie

    i went on here a million times and i did not see this!
    ridhwan informed me about it!