In with the new

Well guess what, as usual, the fashion elites got to wear the newest pieces from Fall 09′ collections right off the runway (or for Carine’s case, before they are even unveiled)— within  a week, days, hours, minutes.

Anna Wintour in Prada, Carine Roitfeld in Balenciaga, Katie Grand in Dolce & Gabbana:

fashinologie 00090m



Spring 09′ has not even started yet and they are wearing Fall 09′ already. What seasonal collections?!

[images:, CNN video screenscrap]

  • passionista

    i’ve watched the cnn documentary with carine and loved it! she wore that dress and it looked great on her.
    katie grand looks hideous in that coat. not sure about anna.

  • cindy

    man, they always seem to look better on the models. what gives?!

  • Sunshine

    I can’t really believe anyone wants to look like a giant pink yeti.. it looks absurd and right out of a costume shop..

    The balenciaga dress looks a bit overkill for work, but well it looks good.

  • AMB

    I love Anna in that Prada coat but I don’t think it will work on someone bigger than her because it would make that person look like a sofa.

    I don’t like the Balenciaga dress at all. Hate the color and the fit/cut on Carine (as seen on CNN).

    As for the yeti suit, big foot called and he wanted his wife’s jacket back.

  • Sukaina

    I love the Balenciaga dress, but not on mon Carine. She’s beautiful, but I’ve always felt Balenciaga works with statuesque women, oui?

    Miss Anna wears her Prada like no other.

    Dolce and Gabbana’s pink fur coat terrifies me, of all the things in the collection, Katie Grand chooses to wear that, it looks vile and hideous.
    I especially despise the thing on her head.
    There’s so much going on! Sequins, fur, FUSCHIA (sickening colour), headband, necklace, choose, already, lady!

  • thelovelythings

    not a big fan of coats but slowly liking.
    the first one is the best of all the three.

  • kassie

    Katie Grand is looking horrid…Carine looks marvelous though

  • anna

    I love the balenciaga dress on her. That pink coat is a bit trannyish, and the prada coat bores me.