High heels with no heel

I thought the Marc Jacobs’ inverted heel creation would be the last time we are going to see ridiculously unstable high heels for good. Then again, designers are always searching for attention by churning out controversial items right? British Designer Antonio Beradi made a pair of sky-high heels that look like this:


It’s 5 1/2 inches off the ground, if you’re wondering.

This pair of heels could have cost a whooping £1,800 but it’s not stopping any shoppers from going crazy over it. Reports have it that ‘Gwyneth Paltrow and Uma Thurman had already invested in a black patent version costing more than £1,100, shortly after they were unveiled’, and apparently, there is a five-week waiting list at Browns. And of course, Victoria Beckham has already purchased a pair in snakeskin.

Vogue Italia December 07 cover and editorial.

If I were to ever invest in this, it’s going to cost more than £1,800 because I haven’t count in my insurance policy. Pass me my flats please!

source: dailymail.co.uk, special thanks: Natalie

  • peek-a-boo

    They’re hideous!!Precious ridicule for pathetic fashion victims.

  • natalie

    I love! this isn’t the first pair of no-heel-heels though, they were around even in the 60’s.
    this pair was on Lara Stone’s December Italian Vogue cover.
    fashion should be fun/ridiculous at times.

  • sophie

    my first thought when i saw these shoes was that they would be on victoria beckham’s feet by the end of the month.

  • Adriana

    Indeed hideous. I was searching the web to find the name of the designer. Wondering if he does dislike/hates women. I would recommend Mr. Berardi to go out shopping and then go out all night on these no-high-heels-things! And dance of course…….

  • http://www.trendinista.net caitlin

    These are absolutely ridiculous!!! I’d like to see whomever designed these spend a day in them!

  • Kirsty Payne

    Where can i buy these shoes from

  • http://?? LJ …


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  • georgia

    thes shoes r 2 die for wat i wud do for a pair of these

  • georgia

    gosh these r just so divine i absolutley love them when i first saw them i almost peed my pants

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  • georgia

    oh lj watever how on earth did u get a pair of these wonderl most buetifull creations im most definetly fallen in love

  • mansie

    Wow. I thought that it looked pretty cool. It looks like she’s defying gravity.

  • cat

    they are awfull, not for a woman at all. x

  • What the…

    These are THE UGLIEST, most disgusting looking shoes I have EVER seen! Anyone who decided to be caught dead,(or alive for that matter) wearing these god awful creations should know that they are looking similar to a transvestite. I’m dead serious. Spend your money on something better, like starving children. And whoever decides to wear this poor excuse for a fashion trend, I hope you fall backwards and break both of your ankles. You would deserve it for looking like a freakin’ idiot. That goes for Victoria Beckham as well. She too is a freakin’ idiot. *VOMIT*

  • KC

    I love these!!! Where can I buy them? I need these shoes!
    I live in Alice Springs, smack bang in the centre of the Australian desert and shoes are the only thing that keep me sane
    I’ll have to find room in my shoe closet for them tho

  • http://www.myspace.com/rhiannapey RHIANNA;

    i really like these shoes,
    and if you dont like them, then dont post comments about them.
    i love them buttt, id hate to fall backwards on them 😐

  • leo

    sick stuff the whole high heel business – made for men by men who hate women. Hmmm, it’s that old “be sexy in a way that I define so I can then despises you for it”thing – pity you “ladies” play up to the stupid game. Just think, while you’re staggering about with painful wrecked feet us guys are comfortable and smug…..

  • http://darkbohemiia.blogspot.com Dark Bohemiia blog

    I was wondering who had created these when I saw them on Victoria Beckam for the first time .
    the mystery is solved

  • Dacota

    Um… Idea cool but insane and the way these are designed is really ugly and it looks like she has huge wide feet.

  • claudiA

    i love them they look hottttt n ppl just hateing…nice its something new there cool love them…

  • Karllie

    I love those things they’r soooo coool but they
    sucks, because you would fall on your back walking in them sooo….. :(..but also they are….. 🙂 !!!!!

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  • Sherrie Standley

    I’m not a fan to each is own they just look like devil feet. I’d hate to be pushed back in those.

  • Sofiar_59

    Is it hard to walk is thee shoes?