From miles away

Being a blogger, one of the best things that has happened is making friends with other fellow bloggers. Whether they are local or non-local, in the US or the UK, you get to interact with different strangers, bonded over the same topics of interest.

I have exchanged magazines with a US based models blogger because some international titles are not easily available in some countries, or that the bookstores are extremely slow in shipping them over, so it is just extra special when you get to receive a fresh copy of Vogue from overseas.

Vogue China is what I can take as the most exclusively available title from my location, till now I still buy every single issue of it with help from The Family back home… so it’s either I bring that back here or ship it out to others. And now whenever the models blogger travels he would send me some magazines if possible, just over Christmas last year— Vogue UK, Vogue India and Elle UK. Thank you!

Does any of you magazine addicts exchange magazines with other international bloggers?

  • AMB

    Every time I visit a foreign country, I buy their issues of Vogue and/or Elle. 🙂