Face off

Vlada Roslyakova in W Korea vs Namie Amuro’s latest album cover.

Different faces, same concept.


While Namie is a huge star in Japan, and the concept probably gets to be seen by millions more people than the W Korea editorial, Vlada’s teasing expression is definitely more alluring. Can you feel the Namie version?

[image, source: supreme fashion]

  • http://www.testshootgallery.com Ashburn Eng

    maybe you should do a poll? I will definitely for Vlada.

  • Jen

    Hi, do you know where I can buy Vogue Korea in Singapore?

    Muh thanks!

  • http://rockthetrend.com/ Laila Lu

    Unfortunately it’s not available in Singapore, Kino doesn’t carry them. Maybe you can try ebay, amazon or yes24.com 🙂

  • Jen

    Okay. Thanks!

  • http://asianmodelsblog.blogspot.com AMB

    Also, I prefer the color treatment in the W Korea shot.

  • http://stylistforent.blogspot.com bhisan

    ah namie’s shot is over photoshopped than vlada’s.

    and vlada’s shot has two expression counting the print in her hand. so it makes it more alluring.