Ernest Zacharevic Street Art in Singapore

Ernest Zacharevic Singapore 1

Ernest Zacharevic Singapore 2
I was walking along Victoria Street when I chanced upon Lithuanian street artist Ernest Zacharevic working on a mural at Jalan Pisang (previously Black Market). The mammoth size mural is attention grabbing, it depicts a young asian girl cuddling a cub. By now it should be 100% finished.

Ernest’s work can also be spotted on the streets at Georgetown, Penang, many of which have became an Instagram hot fave for all tourists. Right now the artist (who’s in his mid-20s) can be spotted painting the streets of Singapore, all commissioned and legalized. If you call the murals “Graffiti” that’s just… no. On another note, he has been painting mainly asian kids in their mischievious state, he probably gets his inspiration from kids playing around for his murals.

If you want to see more of his work, simply cruise down Victoria’s street and explore all the alley ways, they should be there to stay. Hopefully.

Ernest Zacharevic Singapore 3

[Images: Brooklyn Street Art]