Dude, where’re your heels?

After the NY fashion week wrapped-up, I was wondering who is going to wear those misplaced heels by Marc Jacobs and how will they look like on celebs. My answer came when Parker Posey donned a pair of those backward heels to the 7th on sale gala.

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Are they comfortable to walk on? We don’t usually see heels placed in such weird position. They’re like wedges, just that they’re carved into the shape of a wooden heel but the hollowness scares me. Overall, I think the shape is not flattering for pumps and just plain ugh.

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Would you wear these?

photos: justjared.com, style.com

  • http://model-misbehaviour.blogspot.com .m.

    blugh…they looked back on the runway and the look bad in real life 😛

  • http://girlenvogue.wordpress.com/ girlenvogue

    I certainly wouldn’t. But what is Parky wearing anyway? It looks so frumpy, at least from that angle.

  • shee

    but gotta admit that though quirky its novel :))

  • jolie

    it makes me nervous. i feel as though i’d fall backwards wearing those.

  • http://asianmodelsblog.blogspot.com asian models blog

    I hope Marc Jacobs have good liability insurance. I can see a few blown ankles waiting to happen.

  • Adriana Josina

    Hideous shoes and indeed Marc needs a good liability insurance because they love to sue in the US! I won’t even go into Parker Posey’s look…….

  • carvedstars

    They’d be hard to walk in, for sure. But I have to admit that I think they could look really good when paired with the right stuff…I just wish the heel was a bit longer. Easier to walk in, and I think it’d look better too.

  • betbet

    i totally would! anyone know where i can get some pale pink ones online?

  • ..

    yes! i would wear them

  • Serena

    Look, Marc Jacobs is clearly toying with convention, and it’s about damned time! Just think of the misplaced heel as Dada footwear. Even so, they’re gobs more aesthetically appealing than Uggs and those silly gladiator sandals everyone is so gaga about. Three cheers!

  • k-d

    i have some they are super awesome

  • L

    I think the frump factor is due to the tights. To me it just looks like Barbie-feet in flats.

  • rachel

    i have a pair, and they are honestly very comfortable… a lot of bounce.