Current obsession: Yuna

I was listening to LUSH 99.5 recently and Yuna‘s newest single produced by Pharrel Williams was being played. From that moment on I had been listening to Yuna non-stop! Her voice is just so beautiful that it feels like you can hear her all day long, and her songs are my current obsession right now.

Yuna is poised to be the poster girl for all budding aspiring singers. Hailed from the North-est part Malaysia, Kedah, the singer was quite well known in her own country, and she was eventually discovered by US indie label Fader who flew to Malaysia to convince her to sign with them. Her single “Live your life” was just released one and half months ago and it has already attracted more than half a million views on Youtube! Not bad for an upcoming indie singer, watch out for Yuna!

(Btw, also loving her funky-yet-subtle style, colorful head wraps that cover her hair and bold lip colors – nice!)

  • caroline

    Agree, she’s a good singer with a personality and I just hope she keep going like this with her unique style!I have bought a CD named Yuna with only 5 songs on it but all of them are really good!