Current Obsession: Mavie Marcos & Andain

When I am on holiday I like to have Andain‘s albums on replay, their songs are just perfect for the vacation mood – laid back, chill out and in just the right tempo.

Have I also mentioned that the lead singer Mavie Marcos is super chic? I love her hair and her boho style. Mavie Marcos – what a name too!

Check out Andain’s soundcloud here – my personal favorite are “You once told me”, “Beautiful Things” and “Much too much”.


  • Jinx

    She is very meow in a classy, stylish way.

  • FashionSky

    these colors look so good on you!

  • Outraged in Miami

    I photographed her when she was singing and acting in High School. The hair and the eyes are still the same–I have a shot of her like the one above the album cover, the wind blowing the hair over her face. So happy for her success. Glad I looked her up this weekend as I was scanning the headshots I did from that period.