Collection RED

My 5 piece holiday collection, shot on location at Joo Chiat road, Singapore.

(Click on image for HQs)






Photographed by Sarah Chan (stop_droproll of streetsnaps)
Model: Zoey Funnell
Styling/concept/directions: Laila ‘Rock The Trend’
Makeup/hair/assistant: Kimberly A. Young

The location: The collection was shot at Joo Chiat road. For the non-locals, this street is located in the East with multiple pubs, karaokes and hotels (the fourth shot has The Fragrance Hotel as the setting). The ambiance of the street is rather special, and second to none.

— Click here to see behind the scenes footage of the photoshoot.

The collection: I was inspired by Jasmine Guinness and her love for wearing red lipstick. I wanted to use loads of red for this holiday collection and make dresses that women can wear from parties to parties. And of course, I included my signature umbrella skirt, named ‘the lantern’ right here.

If you are interested in any pieces, simply go to ‘Design Gallery‘ for more information.

Feel free to let me know about your opinions/thoughts, I would love to hear your comments.


  • D&G Luva

    I love the Crimson and Sheer dress! Really pretty cut and the very old school chic. However, I think the Crimson dress should be more fitted in the waist to make the ruffles pop. Very pretty…

  • Laila

    maybe because z’s a size zero the dress was a little loose on her…

    but thanks anyway!

  • TraiT


    Finally it’s out! yeah! My favourite would have to be the Sheer piece. And the Photography is amazing! 😀

  • Asian Models Blog

    Love them, esp. the sheer, the crimson and the violet.

  • Laila

    ^^ Thank you… the sheer piece took the longest time to make, guess it’s worth all the effort now!

  • sophie

    wow… you have a great talent!! i love the collection, esp the sheer and the crimson.

    the pics look so professional and i love the street setting.

  • Christina

    the sheer…. BRILLIANT!

  • zoe

    your collection is really nice. you’re doing such a great job! congrats and kudos to you!

  • nathalia

    A really, really great collection! The violets and the sheer, I love it.
    I have a new blog, it would make me so happy if you gave your opinion!

  • xwen

    *hugs* your collection looks awesome!! beautiful work.

  • pinks

    wow!!! awesome work! can’t wait to see more 😀

  • rachel

    luv it! as usual. really brilliant : ) keep it up : )

  • Laila

    ^thank you guys 🙂