Chanel rotund sunglasses

Nicole Richie has been spotted wearing this pair of sunglasses by Chanel lately…

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The deal is, amidst tons of celebrities wearing coloured frame or oversized sunglasses, this pair does scream STANDOUT better than others. I like the half shaded part of the glasses because it looks really 60s’ and mysterious! Plus, since this is by Chanel, it won’t go too wrong pairing it with any chic outfit in your wardrobe.

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  • Classificados de Empregos Vagas Estagios

    Well done, great blog and great posts!!!

  • Sad Twat

    The glasses are the single best thing in S/S o7 collections. But unbelievably underrepresented in the mags. Quite bizarre.

  • Lu S.A

    It’s getting quite an amount of attention now that Nicole’s wearing it yeah?

  • Vogueite

    lol i just did an exact same post on Nicole and her Chanels a few days back… love those shades! but it probably requires someone with a smaller face to carry it off properly =x

  • obsessmuch

    i’m now obsessed with your blog!

    i did a pingback on my blog to urs about ther september covers but i’m not sure if i did it right!

    anyways check it out

    we added you to our blogroll to. xx

  • skeptic

    I have to admit, of all the questionable styles of oversized sunglasses I’ve seen, these have to be the worst. They are absolutely unflattering, and I don’t care who designed them – they almost look ok on the model but on anyone else (including Nicole) they just look wrong.

  • Sophia

    I have been looking everywhere for these chanel sunglasses. Does anybody know where to get them?

  • Victoria

    It says in the blog that you can get them on
    they certainly arent cheap though.

  • Carolyn

    Great photos, great post, great news! I love the design.