Carry a piece of structure

Christian Lacroix leather tiered handbag

Prada leather bag with ruffle detail

Might not be functional, but they sure look more like a piece of art.

  • ray

    that Lacroix bag is just awesome ::!! formidable !!

  • Asian Models Blog

    Prada’s new bad looks very different from last season’s fairy bag.

  • Kielo

    The Prada bags look like they have ears.

  • wottoncool

    mmm i think i could bring the lacriox one out… even if it’s odd shaped and can’t fit a lot, but i absolutely love it! the prada on the other hand… reminds me of a bull… hahahah. the ruffles are so oddly positioned! shoot me

  • Gerri

    The Lacroix bag is a work of art! Absolutely one of a kind.

    Luv your site

  • Nana

    The Christian Lacroix bag is great! To die for…..

    Is the Prada leatherbag exclusive for DJ’s to carry their very special headphones in? Is possible?? I wouldn’t walk around with. It looks like ‘and what shall we design now that’s never been seen before?’…….

  • Connie

    I tried, but I just can’t see the Prada working with any wardrobe.

  • fashaholic

    They kind of remind me of coral.