Anna Wintour 60 Minutes interview

60 Minutes [CBS] May 2009

Watch video here

Barbara Walters [ABC] Dec 2006


Sometimes, I wish an insider can interview her instead of an outsider, because we can obviously get more scoop out of it. But seems like it will always be a well respected outsider that can have her sitting down for a nice, brief chat. It’s better than nothing in the end of the day. Who doesn’t want get a glimpse of the Vogue offices and how the editors work?

For both TV interviews, they talked about almost the same thing. Must-have topic—The Devil Wears Prada, and her appearance (the bob hair and the shades). But 60 Minutes is more detailed, and it is nice to listen to top designers and her colleagues’ opinions on her, and later on, how she gets angered seeing a designer being lazy and taking inspiration from other designers.

The interview ended with a not very pleasant question from Safer— “When the time comes, would you go quietly?” To which Anna answered with a grin “Certainly, very quietly.”

  • Camille

    I watched that last night. I don’t think it will ever get that personal with her. Quite honestly I think she’s getting tired of the same questions over and over again.

  • bhisan

    definitely, we get a bit of her everytime. she reminds of me of my discipline teacher in high school. very strict. but when i start seeing things in a different angle, i had more respect for her.

    anna really is a interesting woman. her personality and her choices in people fashion and life. always fascinating.

  • kassie

    I love how she said she would go quietly, She won’t leave Vogue till she’s dead….

  • jenno

    I love ur blog already despite the fact that i just got hold of it 2 days ago. It is very concise, succinct, brief but very sensible. I love the visuals and the images u have also displayed. MORE POWER!

    I agree! The questions were so dead boring but nevertheless the scenes were still real treats. The candid moments and how they captured the real
    drama inside the VOGUE office were entertaining. ANNA is the boss and everything is boring! But i think that despite the armor she always wear, for a while in the documentary a slight softness/niceness in her shortly came through. After all, Anna is still human. AND I LOVE HER…SHE IS MY HERO!

    and EMILY?


  • Laila

    Thanks Jenno for the nice words!

    By the way, if any one is anticipating ‘The September Issue’, that documentary filmed inside the Vogue offices— the trailer is already out:

    I am really looking forward to that.

  • Laila

    and one last thing, outtakes of the video:

    I wonder why are they not included!

  • kassie

    ^Each segment of 60 minutes last 12-14 minutes, There are usually 3 segments plus Andy Rooney, so they have a limited time.I watch 60 minutes religiously lol

  • jenno

    SURE LAILA no problem!

    Yup I have seen the trailer of the september issue already about a month ago i guess, it was for sundance, ang gawd knows how long i have been waiting when the actual fab documentary ever be posted online or produced in dvds or something. WHEN? WHEN? WHEN?