Would you buy branded tees?


It looks like any other normal T-shirts. I can even say that it is unflattering and shapeless and probably won’t look good on the body. But why does it cost £95?
Because it has the word Chloé on it.

  • http://carliekarl@yahoo.com Carliekarl

    In a word….no.

  • peek-a-boo

    I would wear it but not buy it.The neckline’s too plunging anyway.Could end up looking like a tart.

  • sophie


  • Aaron

    i think it would flow very nicely. the placement of the logo is so random though. it isn’t very imaginative.

  • Jenny

    Looks to cheap for that price. Looks cheap anyway.

  • http://www.gammabag.com.au Dusk

    Oh hell no. But it does prove a point and I’m willing to bet that Kate Moss will be wearing it with her skinny jeans and thigh high boots and before you know it…it’s a covetable item!

    Found my way here because I was looking for articles about branded tees and their impact (as research for my products).
    Love your site! Have just spent an hour reading as much as I can…need eyedrops now 🙂