When models can dance on the runway


Madame Rykiel’s iconic merry show finale. I bet the models had a good time hopping around. They are smiling for real right?

  • peek-a-boo

    The models at Rykiel often dance and jump about at the end of the show.I’ve read that Rykiel wants it that way and tells them not to forget to smile.The clothes rise to the occasion too,girly and fun yet sexy.Rykiels runway shows have yet to disappoint.The great clothes and vaudeville atmosphere remain her mark at every fashion week.And I do believe the models mean it when they smile eventho some look kinda goofy and awkward.Still its better than models who always look petrified at MiuMiu shows.

  • http://stylefrizz.com Kpriss

    Now that was a funny show! I don’t know if the soundtrack is the original one, however, that kept me there for the entire catwalk. Finally something funny going on!