When everything gets digital

First, V Magazine let us read its Spring 08 issue absolutely free online and now a full copy of ELLE accessories can also be previewed from its website.

Click here to view it

Now I am starting to wonder: 10 years down the road, will we be reading our favourite magazines and newspaper like this? Do you like it or do you still refer having a solid hardcopy of it on your hands?


  • sophie

    well i guess it saves paper

  • http://prismreflection.blogspot.com Acdtrsh

    Information accessibility is one major factor of whats happening, now with internet anyone can know anything , blogs are pushing the magazines one step foward wich is great.

  • http://konstscorner.blogspot.com/ konst


  • http://asianmodelsblog.blogspot.com Asian Models Blog

    It depends on the content, I guess. But I read almost all my news online now – NYTimes .com, WashingtonPost.com, yahoo news, etc.

    I guess it the way if the future.

  • Adriana

    To me it is already a 50/50 scale between the paper and the laptop. Can’t miss the paper still: it is more comfy on the couch or in bed than the laptop…..