Vogue Singapore unearthed

Let’s talk history.

Vogue Singapore premiered in 1994, with relations with Vogue Australia apparently, after around a year later branched out into its own title (complete with the word ‘Singapore’ in the O in VOGUE) and stationed its office in Ngee Ann City, with a small team of editors on board, under editor-in-chief Nancy Pilcher.

Here are some of the covers and editorials scanned.

The first issue: Joan Chen.


Jenny Shimizu

img208 02-08-26







Nadya H


Do you think Vogue will comeback to Singapore in future?

[images: scanned by me]


    Any information about why they cease publication? Not being from Singapore I couldnt really have any feel of the actual market over there but from what I see from internet there is alot of opportunities for investments in the future, of course I wouldnt propone any answer without sensing the market. I would really like to know your opinion on that, how would you consider Singapore…

  • http://www.trait-trajection.blogspot.com TraiT

    I remember seeing the first few covers around the net sometime ago, and was hella confused.

    Now I get the picture. I not sure if Singapore’s market is ready for ANOTHER fashion magazine, but I personally would love a comeback. Oh god… Imaginations do run wild…

  • http://rockthetrend.com/ Laila Lu

    They ceased publication because of a small market. it lasted only four (?) years.

    New international titles like L’Officiel and Amica has joined the local magazine scene recently but i can’t say that they are doing well. L’Officiel had a strong start…

    A Vogue South East Asia is more favourable than Singapore IMO, because the market here, till now is still small, only small magazines, with huge commercial appeal survives here.

  • http://asianmodelsblog.blogspot.com AMB

    The first two covers were distinctive and interesting. The rest were pretty bad.

    It would be interesting to see Vogue Asia in English for the Asian region. Ideally, it would be published in HK with sections on various Asian countries.

  • http://idiosyncratic.wordpress.com asyraf

    As much as it’s nice to say, ooh, I’m reading Vogue Singapore, it’s definitely difficult for them to set up offices again. Since STYLE is the major magazine in Singapore, I feel that it would continue that way in the future too.

    Personally, I feel that Singapore’s Vogue is STYLE, and that’s good, because all the editorials are new and not rehashed. Should Singapore have Vogue, there will be a hell of a lot of reprints. Just look at Vogue Australia(although improving!), despite a large market, their Vogue still does a lot of reprints…

  • http://stylistforent.blogspot.com bhisan

    it would. 🙂 definitely

  • http://stylistforent.blogspot.com bhisan

    if the local magazine can have fixed budget on doing their own good editorials then no need to reprints but then again, buying italian vogue / paris vogue is expensive.

    so a local vogue doing reprints isn’t so bad at all for the sake of seeing good editorials.

  • Chanels_Allure

    How will I be able to obtaina copy of aback issue of singapore vogue? I have been collecting issues from around the world and had no idea singapore had launched one but no longer do, if anyone has an old copy I would be happy to exchange it for new designer cosmetics like a Dior serum de rouge lipstick. Im in australia. please email on queenchanel@hotmail.com

  • http://shop-too-much.blogspot.com/ shoptoomuch

    It was too far ahead of the consumer / reader sentiment… and now it might well be too late to introduce another local magazine (even if was VOGUE). Still, it makes me proud that we had a VOGUE once…

  • alyona

    no wonder it folded. the covers were weak and the fash eds were disappointing.

    that being said, it is coming back to sg – and i hope the new team will ot disappoint. heard it from the industry grapevine.

  • Chris

    Does anyone know where to obtain or access any if the issues from 1994-95? I have a full page picture in one of the issues, but have not been able to locate a copy. I can’t remember which issue, but it will be sometime between April 94 to April 95, and was a article on recovered artifacts from a shipwreck.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated…


  • Prisca

    Hi, do you know about circulation of vogue magazine in singapore? and how much the total of the readers in singapore? thanks. I’m very appreciate if you answer my questions..

  • chanels_allure

    its me again, still interested in an old copy and willing to pay, pls email f1_style@hotmail.com

  • chanels_allure

    its me again, still interested in an old copy and willing to pay, pls email f1_style@hotmail.com

  • Diegomoda

    someone has more information on Vogue Singapore? years until the magazine lasted? someone has more covers?

  • Chris