Tokyo Chorus – Dazed & Confused Asian Fashion Focus issue

The February offering of Dazed & Confused includes this set of editorial shot by photographer Ben Toms featuring models Daiane Conterato, Willy Cartier and Jaco van den Hoven. The imminent rise of Asian models on the international scene, spurred by sales growth in Eastern Asia has led to an increased exposure of the Asian cultures, which therefore serves as inspiration for many photographers. But we at RTT wonder, with so many Asian models on the rise, would it hurt to include one, especially in an editorial titled “Tokyo Chorus”?

View the rest of the editorial here.


  • AMB

    You are right, however how many times have we heard groans when Asians were featured in Asian-inspired stories and blacks in African-inspired stories. That said, adding a black girl and/or an Asian girl would have made it more interesting.

  • Asyraf

    Honestly, magazine publishing is a tough business. They can never truly and fully satisfy all the readers. I think that if other ethnicities were featured as regularly as the majority of Caucasian models, even if there is an Asian-inspired editorial using only Caucasian models, we wouldn’t be as riffled up about it.