The stage at Chanel



Chanel Fall 08′

After the hideous giant bow for SS08 and couture’s 75 ft tall jacket, I guess Karl’s finally gotten it right with a dreamy merry-go-round setting. Yes, there were giant bangles and quilted bags too (as I had once predicted), but this time the iconic accessories are decorated in a more tasteful way.  It’s been a long while since Karl did something as pleasantly surprising as this for Chanel. At least, he still manages to churn out fresh ideas like this once in a while to keep his customers & fans interested! What do you think?


  • sophie

    ss08 was just a blip, karl is back to his best now and the aw08 line looks great, and the merry go round is amazing, it reminds me of something from a childs’ story book.

  • peek-a-boo

    Yawn!The giant carousel took attention away from the clothes,that look eternally the same rehash.The models seemed swallowed up by the decor and like lost figurines at a wax museum.ZZzzzzzzzz

  • Asian Model Blogger

    Love the set! The clothes are too predictably Chanel.

  • m

    Hi I’ve just given you the Thinking Blogger Award! Congrats and check out my blog for what to do. Clearly, I love your blog!

  • sophie

    after having seen all the pictures from the show i’ve changed my mind, the clothes are so bland and safe. the colors are dull and unfortunately i think the set was the best thing about the show.

  • Taylor

    A little amazing if you ask me. Perfect for Chanel.

  • Kielo

    It`s an improvement, very commercial.
    Now if they were to get a really fresh hard model for the season`s ads, like: Anna Jagodiska, Sara Blomqvist or Iris Strubegger, it might put some much needed edge to the collection.

  • Brie

    I love it! I feel like getting on the merry go ride!