The seagull shot

Vogue China

‘Dark Allure’

Tanya D ph by Hans Fuerer

'Dark allure' Vogue China July 08


‘Inside out’

Karen Elson ph by Mert & Marcus

'Inside out' W.8


Vogue Nippon

‘White wings’

Raquel Zimmermann ph by Mert & Marcus




Summoning all the creatures just right for the kodak moment— photoshop or for real?

On another note, Raquel debuted her bleached blonde hair in this Vogue Nippon editorial, we first saw it in the MET gala pictures, and now the question is which campaign did she bleach her hair for:

Jean Paul Gaultier, Giorgio Armani or Hermes?



[images: TFS scans by Aja Mok, MagStyle, W magazine]

  • bhisan

    i think mert & marcus ones are photoshopped very well. the way raquel poses and the background..doesn’t match.. especially the part on the seagull, next to her face.. looks too unrealisitic

    the other two editorials seems to be in real time. definitely quick thinking and good timing

    bleach hair++
    well to me seems raquel did it for armani. since sasha had the campaign in blondish hair in black n white shots … or at least gaultier.

  • Prism Reflection

    This looks like Armani to me.